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EXORCISM Recruit Ex JORN Bass player

Posted by wolfhunters on January 22, 2016 at 3:20 PM" />



Heavy Doom metallers EXORCISM featuring RAVEN LORD and METAL MACHINE's CSABA ZVEKAN (vocals) as well as featuring HOLYHELL, REIGN OF TERROR’s JOE ’SHREDLORD’ STUMP(guitars) have recruited ex JORN, IAN PACE, KHAOS, TORE ST. MOREN bassist NIC ANGILERI to their ranks.

The band is currently at TOTAL MASTER SOUND STUDIOS, Basel in Switzerland to record their 4th release with an undisclosed title and is scheduled to be release later this year 2016." />



ANGILERI comments on joining EXORCISM:


“I’m very excited to reveal that I’ve officially joined the band Exorcism! I’m happy to start this brand new adventure made of Metal. News will follow on the near days so the first gigs will be announced from our pages soon. See you on the road metalheads. ”


NIC ANGILERI did extensive live shows and touring with bands such as JORN, IAN PACE, GOTTHARD, KHAOS, TORE ST. MOREN and many more. He is joining EXORCISM for future shows and recordings. NIC ANGILERI is proudly endorsed by: EBS, Loud Guitars, Esh Bass, Zoom (by Mogar), InTune, S.I.T. strings, Delano Pickups Exorcism recently re-released “I AM GOD"


EXORCISM recently announced to re-release their critically acclaimed debut album “I AM GOD” on February 13. 2016 that was taken off the market due to a legal dispute.


With a brand new 2016 mix and mastering made by CSABA ZVEKAN straight from the metal factory the TOTAL MASTER SOUND STUDIOS in Switzerland. A total of 13 songs with the original 10 tracks plus 3 additional bonus tracks from the same era of recording making this a "must have” for the fans of heavy and doom. The record comes out Worldwide on DREAM RECORDS

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