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EXUMER launches Catatonic

Posted by wolfhunters on January 22, 2016 at 3:30 PM

EXUMER launches 'Catatonic', their final single before album release, via website of Deaf Forever magazine!" />


Gerrman Thrash Metallers EXUMER releases today their final single before album release next week Friday via the website of Deaf Forever magazine.


Please surf over to Deaf Forever now at to check out 'Catatonic'!


Comments singer Mem von Stein on 'Catatonic': "We wanted to display the entire scope of our thrash and traditional heavy metal roots on the new album. CATATONIC is a prime example when we used a mid tempo track, on an otherwise fast paced record to sonically create some variety without losing any momentum."


"The Raging Tides" is due for release next week Friday, January, 29th via Metal Blade Records! Make sure to visit to check out the title track "The Raging Tides"! Click on the pre-order section, the album will be available as a Digi-CD with two bonus tracks. The bonus tracks also appear on the vinyl version!


You can still crank up the 2nd single 'Sinister Souls' via the website of Rock Hard Germany at THISlocation!


"This album is simply a lot of fun and sets the bar damn high for all the other Thrash metal releases of the year!" Deaf Forever magazine, Germany


"This album simply stomps out at least three quarters of the Teutonic Four. It is THE yardstick for thrash metal in 2016!" Rock Hard magazine, Germany


"Hats off: Ten bone-dry and hard-as-fuck slaps to the face! And they all hit the mark … spot on!"Metal Hammer magazine, Germany


"EXUMER do deliver - and they do it ten times in optimal shape!" Legacy magazine, Germany


"EXUMER know what they are able to and easily rush through a whole bunch of hits!" Fuze magazine, Germany


"The Raging Tides" marks the 4th output in the band's 30 year history and was recorded with with producer/engineer Waldemar Sorychta at Waldstreet Sound in Dortmund, Germany. The result is a deliberate and violent thrash attack that stays entirely true to the band's origins.


"The Raging Tides" track listing:

1 The Raging Tides

2 Brand Of Evil

3 Catatonic

4 Sacred Defense

5 Welcome To Hellfire

6 Sinister Souls

7 Shadow Walker

8 There Will Always Be Blood

9 Dark Reflections

10 Death Factory

11 Forever My Queen (Pentagram cover, bonus track)

12 Hostage To Heaven (Grip Inc. cover, bonus track feat. Rob Dukes, Waldemar Sorychta, Markus Freiwald)


EXUMER will start their European "Road Rage 2016" a day prior release of "The Raging Tides". Spread like plague!


European ROAD RAGE 2016



+ COMA 7

28.01.16 ES - Barcelona - Boveda

29.01.16 ES - Zaragoza - Centro Civicio Delicias

30.01.16 ES - Granada - El Tren

31.01.16 ES - Madrid - Lemon

04.02.16 NL - Leiden - Club Gebr. De Nabel

05.02.16 DE - Pfarrkirchen - Club Bogaloo

06.02.16 AT - Dornbirn - Schlachthaus

07.02.16 IT - Mailand - Blue Rose Saloon

08.02.16 IT - Rom - Traffic Live Club

10.02.16 DE - Berlin - Comet

11.02.16 PL - Warschau - Progresja

12.02.16 PL - Lodz - LDK

13.02.16 DE - Hameln - Sumpfblume

14.02.16 DE - Lünen - Lükaz

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